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Services Overview
Avalanche Hazard and Risk Assessment
Avalanche Forecasting & Control
Engineering & Design
Mountain Safety & Training

Engineering & Design

Dynamic provides specialized engineering services tailored to complex mountainous environments. Our team has experience in all phases of project development including site selection, pre-feasibility level projects, conceptual through to detailed design and construction. The Dynamic team has expertise in all aspects of the following:

  • Risk analysis for route and facility location planning
  • Avalanche runout modelling and impact pressure analysis
  • Structure design inputs
  • Snow creep and glide force analysis
  • Avalanche protection structure design:
    • Snow retaining structures
    • Snow sheds
    • Avalanche deflection walls and berms
    • Remote avalanche control systems
    • Avalanche fences
    • Icefall mitigation structures

Dynamic Avalanche Consulting Engineering