Project Description

Project: Little Cottonwood Canyon (Alta, Utah) – Infrastructure Study & Environmental Impact Statement

Clients: Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Fehr & Peers, HDR Inc.

Dynamic worked on two projects with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) involving improvements to the SR210 highway corridor. The Town of Alta Avalanche Infrastructure Study was conducted in 2016. Dynamic conducted an analysis of mitigation solutions to reduce avalanche hazard to the SR210 corridor. The project was directed by UDOT and included input from the Town of Alta and Alta Ski Area. Dynamic compared mitigation alternatives and provided cost estimates for preferred systems. The study examined the expected change in frequency of avalanche paths considered based on application of proposed solutions. This study stands as the definitive source for future improvements made by UDOT. In 2017, Dynamic offered avalanche consulting services to HDR Engineering, who completed an Environmental Impact Statement for the Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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