Dynamic Avalanche Consulting Ltd. provides a complete range of planning, design and operational services for snow avalanche risk management and mountain safety. We have experience in all phases of project development including site selection and pre-feasibility level projects, conceptual through to detailed design, and construction. We pride ourselves on providing practical, innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions to our clients that help them meet their project goals.


  • Avalanche risk assessments and hazard mapping
  • Avalanche safety plan development and review
  • Avalanche forecasting and control program development and implementation
  • Avalanche safety training
  • Mountain weather forecasting
  • Accident investigation and expert witness
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) services
    • Mapping snow avalanche debris


  • Risk analysis for route and facility location planning
  • Avalanche runout modelling and impact pressure analysis
    • Land use zoning
    • Structure design inputs
  • Snow creep and glide force analysis
  • Avalanche protection structure design
    • Snow retaining structures
    • Snow sheds
    • Avalanche deflection walls and berms