Colorado Department of Transportation: Avalanche Program Review
Client: Colorado Department of Transportation
Dynamic provided an independent third party review of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) avalanche mitigation program. This review included the compilation and review of avalanche program documentation, a one week field visit to almost all of the significant CDOT avalanche areas, interviews by email, phone and in person of senior avalanche program personnel, and comparison of the CDOT program to other North American avalanche programs with respect to industry best practices.
Kicking Horse Canyon Project: Snow Avalanche Hazard Mitigation
Client: Focus Corporation
The Kicking Horse Canyon Project is a multi-phase upgrade currently underway on the Trans-Canada Highway. The highway passes through the Kicking Horse Canyon just east of Golden, BC and is primarily a narrow, winding two-lane highway. Improvements will see the highway upgraded to a modern four-lane standard. Dynamic has consulted through several phases of the project. We evaluated avalanche risk to proposed highway alignments and analyzed mitigation options including barrier location and heights, ditch widths, cut slope design, avalanche protection sheds and bridges. We performed a detailed climate analysis evaluating design snow loads for avalanche protection structures, extreme snowfall amounts and the impact of climate change on avalanche hazards.
I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project: Snow Avalanche Risk Evaluation for a Bridge Structure
Client: Jacobs Engineering
The I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project provides highway improvements to the existing 15 mile section of highway from Hyak to Easton in Washington State. This includes the replacement of an old avalanche protection shed and the expansion of the highway to six lanes. Avalanche risk along this section of I-90 will be mitigated with two 365 m bridges physically separating the highway from the hillside and allowing clearance beneath the bridges for avalanche flow. Dynamic provided critical conceptual information for the bridge design, delivered design specifications and is retained to provide consultation during the construction phase which is currently underway and scheduled for completion in the fall of 2018.
35 Mile Bluffs: Snow Avalanche and Icefall Protection Structures
Client: Thurber Engineering Ltd.
The 35 Mile bluffs are located on Highway 16, approximately 50 km west of Terrace, BC. This area is seasonally affected by snow avalanches and icefall hazards, which are compounded by the narrow highway corridor squeezed between a rock slope and the Canadian National Rail mainline. Dynamic performed an assessment of avalanche risk at the site, determined the location of snow retaining structures and provided design input parameters for the structures. We also collaborated with Thurber Engineering on icefall mitigation structures. We performed a detailed climate analysis evaluating snow depths, ice thickness and seasonal temperatures for ice formation. Construction began in the fall of 2014 and an overview of the installation can be seen here.
Trans-Canada Highway 1 Clanwilliam Bridge Replacement: Avalanche Safety Plan Development and Implementation
Client: Arthon Contractors Inc.
Improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway west of Revelstoke, BC will see the highway widened to four lanes to accommodate a 100 km/h design standard. This requires the replacement of the existing aging bridge with a new 4 lane overpass crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline. Dynamic prepared an Avalanche Safety Plan, assisted with implementation of the plan and monitored snow and avalanche thresholds dictating the timing of construction program winter shutdown and spring start-up. Implementation required consultation with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Snow Avalanche Program to ensure construction activities would not affect the highway avalanche program operations.
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Canadian Pacific Railway: Avalanche Assessment for the Conceptual Design of an Avalanche Protection Shed and Alternate Options
Client: Hatch Mott MacDonald
The Canadian Pacific Railway transverses Rogers Pass between Golden, BC and Revelstoke, BC where there are numerous avalanche paths affecting the railway. Dynamic provided parameters for the conceptual design of avalanche defence structures, including an avalanche protection shed and an avalanche stopping berm. We investigated design cases at different return periods for feasibility studies. This required that we perform detailed modelling of avalanche dynamics and the estimation of loads acting on defense structures.