Los Bronces Copper Mine Review
Client: BGC Engineering

Los Bronces Copper Mine is located 65 kilometers northeast of Santiago, along the western face of the Chilean Andes. Los Bronces is situated in one of the most challenging winter environments for a mine in the world, facing a range of difficulties including high altitudes, extreme weather, avalanches and rough terrain.

Critical controls were reviewed for managing the impacts of extreme winter conditions on personnel, roads, and infrastructure. Dynamic’s key findings provided guidance to further improve the program with controls related to personnel capacity & succession, rescue technology and operational procedures.

Holden Mine Remediation Project: Avalanche Hazard Management Services
Client: Rio Tinto & BGC Engineering
The Holden Mine is located in a remote spot near Lake Chelan in north-central Washington State. The Holden mine remediation project is a multi-million dollar effort to clean up contaminants that were left from the Howe Sound Holden Mine era (1937-57). Dynamic is supporting the program through daily avalanche forecasts for three locations, avalanche safety training for on-site personnel and providing emergency response capacity for avalanche rescue purposes.

El Pachon Project: Avalanche Control Planning
Client: Ruiz y Asociados Consultora
The El Pachon project is located in the San Juan Province of Argentina. Dynamic provided a detailed study, as a continuation of an earlier landscape level review, of the avalanche risk to the mine area and access roads. We provided avalanche atlas mapping and identified preferred access routes and options to mitigate avalanche risk through earthworks and structural defenses. We created an avalanche safety plan and avalanche control plan for construction and operating phases of the road and advised on access road snow clearing requirements.

Kitsault Mine: Avalanche Risk Assessment and Avalanche Safety Plan
Client: Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd.
The Kitsault Mine is located 115 km northwest of Terrace, BC. In order to facilitate the mine’s environmental monitoring program, Dynamic completed an avalanche risk assessment and an avalanche safety plan for the environmental monitoring sites on the property. Dynamic has supported this avalanche safety plan by providing avalanche safety training to work crews implementing the environmental monitoring program and by producing avalanche hazard and travel advisories for specific work sites during the winter.

Marten Wheeler Exploration Site Pre-feasibility Study: Snow Avalanche
Risk Assessment

Client: Teck Coal
Dynamic was engaged to provide an assessment of snow avalanche risk and mitigation recommendations for coal transportation options linking the Marten-Wheeler exploration site to the Coal Mountain mine operation near Sparwood, BC. We mapped avalanche hazards, provided an avalanche risk assessment including a quantitative analysis of the vulnerability of work crews along the proposed transportation options, analyzed mitigation options and provided design specifications for facilities at risk.